Jubilee Tree

You may have noticed the new tree in the Park.  One of our Friends has donated a Cedar of Lebanon  complimenting our other two cedars, the Atlas and the Deodar, as  the Jubilee tree. It has just been  included in the Queen’s Green Canopy as part of the   Jubilee celebrations.

April 3: Gardening

The council gardeners  have completed the first grass cut of the year  and  the Parks Dept told us that they had 20 more roses for us. We picked them up on Friday and planted them this morning, mostly in  the Sunderland Street Entrance, but 5 were put in the original Read more…

School Geography Field Trips

Today the park was used as  a venue for a geography field trip for a school from Wales.  They were  exploring the environmental utility of   several sites in Bath,  describing  wildlife, housing density,  usage,  pollution estimates etc.   They also had lunch in the sun …

E02 Asiatic Birch

After the Storm

We have lost one tree after the storm, the Asiatic Birch planted in 1985 for the Tobin Family.  We thought that this had died last year, and it appears that this was so.  A substantial branch fell from the Arizona Cypress in the Memorial Garden and there are fallen  branches Read more…

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