D01: Deodar: Cedrus deodara

This is large coniferous tree, to 40(-60) m., with a   conic crown and a narrow spire top with a drooping leading shoot. Old trees are broader with big low branches sweeping gently down, upper branches ± level; Young branches  conspicuously drooping, pale pink brown, densely pubescent. The  leaves on long shoots are 3-5 cm, soft, dark green; on short shoots 3-3.5 cm . The cones mature to 14 cm, barrel shaped, and usually on branches or trees with no male flowers. Its native range is the Himalayas, from Eastern Afghanistan to Nepal, and is a sacred tree for some Hindus. It is valued as a construction material for temples and houses in the Himalayas as well as for its insect repellent properties and its use in aromatherapy. It was introduced to Britain in the 1830’s. Cedars are long lived trees ( > 500 yrs).

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