D02: Atlas Cedar, Cedrus atlantica glauca

This is a large coniferous tree, to 40 (-50) m. with a broad conic crown, nearly always obtusely pointed. The lower branches can often form spectacular shapes as they sweep down to the ground. The bole is often clean for a few metres and the bark dull grey, smooth at first cracking to form large plates. The leaves on long shoots are 2-2.5 cm, on short shoots 1-2 cm, shiny, deep green or glaucous ( the most common form). The cones ripen over 2 years and enlarge to 8 cm becoming elongated egg shaped. It is very closely related to the Cedar of Lebanon and originates from the Algeria and Morocco. It was introduced into Britain in the 1840’s. Cedars are long lived trees ( > 500 yrs).

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