This was the result of a pamphlet drop in the area, and an evening workshop in the Pulteney Arms where to our amazement some 50 people participated ( top floor and half the ground floor ).

From this we formed the Friends group and our initial aims still hold: to work with the Council to maintain the park as a beautiful green space, to further community cooperation, to discover the old planting of the Park and to restore and develop it in the spirit in which it was donated. These comments reflect the 5 groups we organised at the workshop.

 Drug Dealinggreater Police PresenceSet up friends group and liaise with others
 Lack of maintenance without gardenerShrubs rather than flower beds (low maintenance)Establish Police liaison
 Neglect of Sensory GardenEntrance and exits improvedEstablish priorities for resources with council
 Abandoned flower beds ( mud bank)Sensitive lightingPlanting group.
 Public loo surrounds poor (used as loos)  
Wonderful community park; all sorts of activities as well as time for yourself  Improve maintenanceLiase with BANES as to maintenance schedule and plans
Access for all Emphasise the natural beauty and reflect on the integrity of the ParkKeep status quo through Development of Friends group
Sensory garden Happy as it is as long as it is maintained as it has been till recentlyProtect and maintain qualities of the past 10 years. 
daffodil banks Reinstate planting in front of loos as meadow/wild garden but not grass ( too wet) 
Flat tarmacked paths (no mud) Minimise introduction of bike racks, pay as you go toilets and modern clutter 
Grass great for picnics and families   
Wonderful green space for users   
History and magnificent trees   
Local community usage – there will always be someone you know in the park.   
Small intimate”natural” garden in middle of city reflecting historical nature. Go to other parks for more formal features.   
 Badgers damaging park  
 Sea gulls spreading rubbish  
 Overflowing rubbish bins  
 Poorly kept plants, lawns and flowers etc. Residents help, scout club, schools, volunteers
 Dog poo round toilets  
 Drugs, needles booze near toilets and near gardener’s shed Police presence
 speeding traffic 20mph speed limits, chicanes, signs 
sensory garden  Local events to fundraise and increase awareness
new tarmac paths  Heritage notice boards at park entrances
disabled car space  Find way to engage non-local visitors to contribute in some way.
no playground ( makes everyone integrate)   
Free, unfenced space   
quiet, no pubs or bars around park  speed bumps in Henrietta Street and more signage
no furniture – no picnic tables etc.   
ancient water fountain refurbish 
 Poor lighting Make the park a green space
Preserve the special ambience of Henrietta Park  Bring back Simon the gardner
Low maintenance of garden – trees/bushes   
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