Lamb and Rhubarb

1.5 kg Lamb, (shoulder, off the bone)
2 large onions, chopped
2 bunches of parsley
6 sprigs of fresh mint
5 stalks rhubarb chopped to short lengths
600ml stock
salt, pepper to taste

Brown the onions in butter ,slowly at first then turnup the heat to colour
Brown the lamb.
Add the saffron together with the lamb and onions, stir, add the stock ( or heat the stock with the saffron), and simmer for an hour.
Chop the parsley and mint, fry briefly, add to the stew for another half hour .
Add the rhubarb continue cooking till the rhubarb disappears into the stock (break up with wooden spoon).

Then either – serve as it is, with plenty of stock, or remove meat and onions with slotted spoon, keep warm while you reduce the stock to coating consistence.

Mashed potato or rice and whatever veg comes to hand

Modified from Jane Grigson’s Fruit Book.

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