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Interactive Tree Map for Henrietta Park
A08: Purple Sycamore A04: Copper Beech A01: London Plane A02: Ash A03: Silver Maple A05: Weeping Ash A06: Zelkova serrata A09 : Variegated Sycamore A07: Ailanthus altissima Stump A10: Weeping Ash A11: Coronation Oak A12: London Plane A13: Crataegus monogyna A14: Crab Apple, Royalty A16: Holm Oak A18: Crab Apple, Royalty B01: Weeping Cherry A15: Golden Indian Bean B02: Amanogawa Cherry B03: Lawson's Cypress B04: Silver Birch B05: Golden Elm B06: Kanzan Cherry C04: Bird Cherry C05: Snake Bark Maple C07: Himalayan Tree Cotoneaster C08: Ash C09: Copper Beech C10: Oak C11: Broad Leaved Hawthorn C12: Bird Cherry D01: Deodar C02: Atlas Cedar D03: Broad Leaved Hawthorn D04: Silver Birch D05: Small Leaved Lime D06: Silver Birch D07: Horse Chestnut D08: Horse Chestnut D09: Horse Chestnut D10: Horse Chestnut D11: Horse Chestnut D12: Horse Chestnut D13: Horse Chestnut D14: Manna Ash D15: Oregon Crab D16: Cockspur Hawthorn D17: Golden Elm D18: Pagoda Tree D19: River Birch D20: Dawn Redwood D23: Himalayan Birch D28: Ash Leaved Maple D37: Apple D38: Weeping Silver Birch E01: Weeping Silver Birch E02: Asiatic Birch E04: Stone Pine E05: Corsican Pine E06: Corsican Pine E07: Flowering Cherry E08: Tree of Heaven E13: Golden Cappodocian Maple E14: Tulip Tree E15: Tulip Tree EN1: Henrietta St Entrance (South) EN2: Henrietta Street, Middle Entrance EN3: Henrietta Road North EN4: Pulteney Arms Entrance EN5: Sunderland Street EN6: Henrietta Mews Entrance F01: Yoshino Cherry F02: Winter Cherry F03: Flowering Cherry F10: Small Leaved Lime H01: Kanzan Cherry H02: Gean H03 : False Olive H14: Ginkgo J01: Common Lime J05: Common Lime J06: Small Leaved Lime J07: Weeping Silver Lime J08: Small Leaved Lime J09: Sweet Chestnut J10: Japanese Crab J12: Lombardy Poplar J24: Wych Elm K02: Judas Tree K03: Lawson Cypress K08: Ash-leaved Maple K12: Sycamore M03: SIlver Birch M17: Tree of Heaven M18: Sweetgum M21: Arizona Cypress M30: Vilmorin's Rowan M35: Lawson's Cypress M37: Arizona Cypress M38: Wedding Cake Tree

A11: Coronation Oak

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