9,23/10/22 Memorial garden 1.1 Pond Cleaned and filters cleaned Done 1.2 Paths Swept Done in part 1.3 Beds Weeded, perennials trimmed Done In part 1.4 New Bed Hedge trimmed Done In part Mews entrance 2.1 Gate padlock Missing 2.2 Bed Weed and edge Sunderland St 3.1 Bed Weed and edge 3.2 Bushes Prune and cut back 3,3 Holly Pruned Done in part Henrietta Mews 4.1 Pulteney Arms 5.1 Henrietta Gardens 6.1 Euonymus Trim Done Compounds 7.1 Gardeners shed Rebuild wall 7.2 Compound Clear approach 7.3 Compound Clear approach Miscellaneous 8.1 Council 9.1 First leaf gather, some pruning, stump grinding laurels in Memorial Numbers 15, 15

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