We had a splendid day gardening on the last day of April ( an extra as the first weekend in May is occupied  by another  event )  the weather has warmed up. An excellent turnout with  a new member gardening,  and another member signed up meant that we almost caught up with the tasks.  The pond has been planted with new water-lilies, irises and marginals  with a generous donation from a member, and the planters have been redone with Calla lilies as centre pieces.

We will be planting a Coronation Tree in the Sunderland Street entrance to replace the holly which was stripped by the falling poplar  last year.

And finally , the AGM was held in March and the minutes are on the wabsite, as is the Forward Plan, agreed buy the Heritage Parks Team and FoHP:  we have already completed some of the tasks !

May Colour

May Colour

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