In spite of a gloomy start to the morning of the 23rd, it turned out sunny and we had a splendid turnout and achieved  quite a bit towards our new forward plan which is on the website under gardening.

The Box moth has devastated British Box over the last few years, and all our plants except one have been removed, including two ‘domes’ in the memorial garden. We will replace these with Yew  taken from elsewhere in the park and which we will clip into shape.   We also had to remove a Viburnum carlcephalum in the Memorial garden which  died over the summer. Elsewhere weeding, pruning of laurels sweeping of the paths was completed.

The council have been busy as well and have grubbed out a number of laurels in the Memorial garden where we plan a new low maintenance bed for insects.

We trimmed the Holly by the Sunderland Street entrance which caused such amused adverse comment from the Visiting Austrian Gardeners and SW in Bloom and  we had a very welcome visit by volunteers from Bath University brought by our councillor, Dr Kumar. Many thanks and a good job was done by all.

Sunderland Street Holly


Golden Lime Leaves

Golden Lime Leaves

Dr Kumar brings student volunteers from the University of Bath

Dr Kumar brings student volunteers from the University of Bath

Clearing the Yew Berries

Sweeping the paths and clearing the yew berries

Autumn colours

Autumn colours

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