We had two  excellent gardening sessions in August in spite  of the heat. We have  concentrated on the Sunderland Street entrance   and the Memorial Garden.  Watering has been an issue  but most plants have survived. A number of trees have been taken down: ash has suffered from die-back and several have been removed; part of an Acer negundo fell near the Henrietta Street Entrance, and the rest has been removed; a fine old Birch in the Memorial Gardens has been taken out as the bark  round the base had rotted away. This still leaves the holly at the Sunderland Street entrance, and  a major branch of the Bhutan pine has died.

The pond pumps have been a problem for years  but we now seem to have got  a solution with two new pumps that are designed for permanent running. So far they have  worked 🙂

Sunderland Street Entrance

Clearing the weeds

Pond Work, August 2022

Pump renewal

Pond Work 2, August 2022

Pump Renewal

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