A glorious day today,  the  18th. Last week the gardeners finished pruning the trellis roses and wisteria  for the splendid show  in a couple of months time. They also  deep edged the flower beds  in the Memorial Garden which the  volunteers had weeded.  They also cleared out the wood from the compost compound, completing much of the work that Keith has been splendidly doing over the last year.  This time last year we could not get into the compound for prunings, clippings and branched. Now we have access to excellent compost for the beds.  Sunderland street received attention with the gaunt Holly being cut further back,  a couple of spotted laurels removed before being replaced with  two Wiegela  donations, and the planting of 6 Cornus bushes both for  the autumn colour of their stems and for the variegated leaves and flowers.

Elsewhere the Winter cherry has almost finished but our Yoshino Cherry by  the north entrance is coming into full bloom  as is the Magnolia stellata and the  weeping cherry. Narcissi are everywhere  at the moment and the first fritillaries are just coming out. And the first Brimstone of the year in the park was sighted today.

Yoshino Cherry

Yoshino Cherry


Narcissi at the Henrietta Mews Entrance


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