You will be pleased to know that we have been awarded the Green Flag again, and Maria, one of our regular volunteers, will be up in London to receive the flag. So well done to everyone.

Then last week we walked round the Park with a fascinating group of Austrian landscape people (designers, gardeners, engineers and a forensic botanist) who were on a garden tour in Britain. We  exchanged  views –  the Austrians apparently have no  history of voluntary work in their Parks. We pointed out that with so many cut backs over the last 20 years, the voluntary sector is very important, not only in physically maintaining the green spaces, but in developing a sense of community and ownership.  Gardening problems  and climate change were discussed over a pint in the Pulteney Arms : the Austrians are currently cutting down all their conker trees which provide such excellent shade, as the moth, which attack our trees, damage the trees so much.

A very enjoyable couple of hours.


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