Happy New Year to everyone.

And what a splendid turnout  17 adults and  4 children for a rather warm gardening session.   We had two main tasks: in  the Memorial garden  we continued to tidy up the perennials, sweep the leaves, and start pruning some of the bushes on the  north wast side where our three  lemon scented Cupressus macrocarpa are succumbing to disease.

On the Sunderland Street entrance we took out some more Aucuba, the spotted Laurel   and planting  20 dark red roses donated by the council. Our Councillor Yukteshwar kumar and support staff came out and completed the task. And though our litter pick throughout the park did not  result in much litter, the opportunity was taken to  remove some historic rubbish from the compound. By spring we should have this  cleared and fully operational. The composting compound is coming on a treat and we have started sieving the compost.


Sunderland  St. Roses

Sunderland St. Roses

Rubbish Clearance

Rubbish Clearance

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