FoHP : Friends of Henrietta Park

Welcome to the FoHP Website

This site has been set up in order to facilitate the maintainance and improvement of Henrietta Park by residents in conjunction with the Council.

Green Flag: We can proudly announce that we have achieved Green Flag status in recognition of the work that the Council and the Volunteers have done in promoting, presenting and maintaining the Park.

Council Contact : Ian Critchley continues the stirling work that Mayveen made with the council so feel free to contact him with your concerns. The relationship betwen the Council and FoHP is outlined in the pledge under FOHP in the menu.

Gardening and Litter: Our regular activities continue with the first and third Sunday mornings of the month and the first Wednesday afternoon (litter picking and gardening). The Details are on the Noticeboard as is the latest newsletter which is also emailed to paid up members is on the website.

From the air

What I see From My Window .......

Yoga, at least two different classes of tai chi, stretch exercise groups, also individuals pre-work at 7 in the mornings,  rope walkers,  circus swingers, tennis, cricket, football, cellists rehearsing, actors reciting lines, circle dancers (they looked like the three graces), pipers piping, picnickers, (dare I mention barbecues?), cyclists, scooters of all ages, ladies with mobility scooters, ladies with push along trollies,  sitting on benches  and nattering..   

A real social and age mix.

PHOTOGRAPHY FOR NEXT YEAR'S CALENDAR: Send your monthly photographs to the facebook page or to Henry, and the committee will chose the best each month for next year's calendar
MEMBERSHIP : You can download the Membership form from HERE. It will go straight to your download folder. Membership runs from October to October, and is a minimum of £5.
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